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How it all started!

Pecanhealth Natural Health Products (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2013 by Derek and Annette, driven by a passion for health and wellness.

Since its inception, we have been dedicated to distributing and marketing a wide range of super healthy products to retail supermarkets, health stores, and restaurants.

Our growth year on year is a testament to our ability to identify and provide new healthy products to consumers in the ever-evolving health market.

We cater to everyone and all lifestyles, ensuring that our products meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our journey began with a personal transformation. In 2013, Derek was diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high uric acid, and was overweight. Forced to change his lifestyle, Derek adopted a diet rich in wholesome foods, thanks to Annette’s introduction of healthier choices, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, while avoiding sugars, additives, and preservatives.

Contrary to his initial fears, Derek’s life transformed dramatically. After 18 months of healthy eating, he lost weight, reversed all his ailments, and stopped taking medication.

He has never looked back, experiencing improved health and even freedom from his annual winter flu.

Inspired by Derek’s remarkable health improvement, we began manufacturing a range of gluten-free vegan pizzas, wraps, pastas, crackers, and nachos, along with a super-food range designed to boost the immune system.

Our products, available under the Pecanhealth label, are super healthy, containing no additives or preservatives.

Join us in our mission to promote health and wellness through our natural, wholesome products.


All our PecanHealth Branded products are Halaal Certified.

Best Gluten-Free Foods Supplier 2020 – South Africa

PecanHealth was selected by Health Beauty and Wellness, amongst many other vendors and received the ‘Best Gluten-Free Foods Supplier Award” in 2020 and 2021. We have just been nominated again in 2024!

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