Benefits and Applications of Maguey Agave

  • Certified Kosher and Organic                     Diabetic Friendly
  • Extremely low GI (GI 22 load 1.4)             No After taste with the Sugars
  • No effect on blood glucose levels               No additives  No Preservatives
  • Fat Free                                                           Low in Calories
  • ADHD friendly                                               Sucrose Free
  • GMO free                                                         Aspertame Free




Benefits of Maguey Agave Syrup and Agave Sugar:

  • Flavour Enhancement Agave’s sweetness perception peaks and falls earlier than that of glucose and sucrose, unmasking fruit and spice flavours.
  • Ingredient Synergy The interaction of Agave with other sweeteners and starches creates a synergy that boosts sweetness, viscosity or cake height (in baked goods) of foods and beverages.
  • Shelf Life & Stability Agave does not hydrolyse in acidic conditions like sucrose, therefore the sweetness and flavour profile of finished products remains stable over extended storage periods.
  • Solubility/Resistance to Crystallization While sold in crystalline form, Agave Sugar re-crystallizes with difficulty once it is dissolved in foods. This attribute makes the production of soft cookies possible.
  • Humectant Feature (“Humectancy”) Agave binds and retains moisture so well it can replace sorbitol and glycerine in foods to improve taste. A good example is low-moisture granola-type bars.
  • Surface Browning The appeal of baked and roasted foods comes mainly from the crisp, brown surface colour and alluring aroma, produced by a chemical reaction between reducing sugars and amino acids. Agave is perfect in this respect.
  • Frozen Applications Agave maintains the integrity of frozen fruit by controlling water and preventing damaging ice crystal formation, which can destroy fragile fruit tissue.
  • Glycaemic Index/Insulin Release The Glycaemic Index has been advocated as a method of gauging the compatibility of foods with the special needs of diabetics. Agave has a very low Glycaemic Index and results in moderate release of insulin to the bloodstream when compared to glucose and sucrose.


Applications of Maguey Agave Syrup and Sugar:

Jams and Fruit Preparations Agave enhances taste, aroma, consistency and fruitiness, significantly improves the sweet flavour, aroma, consistency and fruitiness of fruit jams and marmalades. The best natural sweetener, ideal as the sweetener component in the manufacture of jams, jellies and fruit preparations.

Yogurt and Dairy Desserts Improved fruitiness, aroma, consistency and taste in dairy products. Yoghurts and dairy desserts become creamier, sweeter and fruitier, and its fruit-filled aroma is an added plus. All of these enhance flavour for an enhanced eating experience.

Ice Cream and Sorbets Soft, smooth and taste tingling – one can reduce the caloric content of ice cream and sorbet formulas with the use of Agave as the sweetener component. Agave’s high freezing point depression makes ice creams and sorbets softer and easier to spoon.

Diet and Energy Drinks The sweetener that flavours beverages: excellent synergism empowers the natural taste of fruit drinks and nectars. All you need is a small amount of Agave to get a large dose of sweetening strength. The unwanted aftertaste of non-caloric sweeteners is masked. Agave, an energizing sweetener, gives a significant energy boost to health drinks. Baking The baker’s choice for a sugar substitute: baked goods stays moist and fresh longer. Agave reduces water activity and is an amazing browning aid that browns cookies and other baked goods

Cereals Cereal manufacturers use Agave Syrup and Sugar as a sweetener in the process of producing certain Breakfast Cereals and Muesli. These cereals are often coated and baked with Agave Syrup bringing out the natural flavours of the cereal and Muesli. The end product is often sold as a low GI, low calorie solution, but also for children with symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and Hyper activity.

Chocolates Chocolate manufacturers use Agave Syrup and Sugar as a sweetener component in many Low GI, Low calorie and Diabetic friendly chocolate products. Agave enhances the sweet flavour and smoothness of the chocolate and due to its neutral taste will not alter the consistency of the finished product. Shelf life and stability is also enhanced with the use of Agave.