Feedback from a very satisfied customer

Wow what can I say. I ordered two types of crackers from you and I should probably have doubled that order .The crackers are flavourful and nourishing and a winner with chees . Obviously there brittle nature will determine the number of crackers per package but even when broken by heavy handling they still make a tasty satisfying snack I ordered a pack of biscotti and miss read the label and did not pick up on the carbs or the honey . Honey unfortunately and despite many arguments is as bad for a diabetic as sugar is . Any way yes I snuck one at first a tiny nibble the whole biscuit wow nice ,great flavour and really hard and crunchy just like they are supposed to be I ordered a pack of buttermilk rusks . What joy .As you know with any diet and even with one as exciting as the Banting diet one needs variety. These rusks provide the break in the monotony with their mild yet satisfying flavour . These rusks are surprisingly filling . My favourite has to be the chocolate biscuits. Round bullets of heaven and for a chocoholic a God sent in the dieting land of NO. How many can you eat well how many can you get in your mouth. Your products are a heaven sent and we will work our way through the whole range that you can be sure of.

Thank you so much